The Wedding


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Only a master could top the success of "For the Roses", and Garwood has proven once again why she "attracts readers like beautiful heroines attract dashing heroes" ("USA Today") with this joyous "New York Times" bestseller. Returning to the enchanting world of her classic "The Bride", she brings the soaring adventure, love and rivalry of medieval Scotland to glorious life in a delightful tale her fans will adore.

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Feb 18, 2009

Another Winner from Garwood

One of my favorites for Julie Garwood. Humorous, moving, heart-warming; all the things I look for in a book. Fell in love with Connor and the other characters are equally funny and lovable.


Apr 19, 2008

Brenna & Connor

This is another clan war story. Alec from The Bride shows in this book as a friend, brother, over laird to Connor. Connor is bent on revenge for near two decades against a clan who took his father's life and ruin his keep. He is a true warrior savage - donning war paint in his battles. Connor is bent on revenge but cannot force open war as Alec will not allow it. For years Alec has been the diplomat in the area staving off wars as best he can. Connor is forced to act in a manner that is not open and direct warfare. Thus he decides to claim the intended wife of his enemy and marry her so that the other laird will open the war gates. Unknown to Brenna she is a pawn. She has been sold into marriage by her father in order to strengthen his ties to Scotland. She is set upon by Connor and his men. He leaves her to believe that he is wedding her due to the many proposals she has sent him over the years. While he rejected her on two of the proposals, he did not the third time. When he captures her - he accepts her final proposal. She is forced and marries him to save her escort of knights and his promise she could return to England (with a catch). She has a huge heart and is losing all, but he is so narrow minded he cannot see her angst as each piece of her life is torn from her and left behind. He forces her to act determined like he is and she bears up. He knows there is someone else to catch besides just his known enemy - but he knows not who. Until he knows and can right the wrongs, he must bide his time and fight. He is away often (as he told her he would be) fighting to protect the next land border. While this is going on, Brenna is suffering at the hands of his brother and also winning over his clan with her daring on his horse. A final confrontation leaves Brenna vulnerable and horribly injured and on the way to Alec's place to his healing wife Jamie. There she sets out to save her sister from the same fate she has learned she would have faced if Connor had not kidnapped her. While recovering she forces him to make a decision - her or his step mother - his future or his past. She has no idea when he chooses to go to his step mother what it is all about (he has found his last enemy) and flees herself to go to her sister and await her brother to come save them both at a place of santuary. He comes for her and the final confrontation between them happens as he tells her the full story. It is here that Quinlin shows interest in her sister that he tried to save once before. I am hoping that there is a followup story with Quinlin and Faith and also with the little red headed daughter with the sassy glint in her eye comes about in the future too. This was a good follow to Alec's story.


Apr 26, 2007

The Wedding a Romance Novel

I loved this book. It's a beautiful story and I highly recommend it to anyone who loves romance novels. Romance is the understatement in this novel. It enhances true love and marriage.

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