The Uninvited: The True Story of the Union Screaming House


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What kind of evil lives at the Union Screaming House? In this true and terrifying firsthand account, Steven LaChance reveals how he and his three children were driven from their Union, Missouri, home by demonic attackers. LaChance chronicles how the house's relentless supernatural predators infest those around them. He consults paranormal investigators, psychics, and priests, but the demonic attacks--screams, growls, putrid odors, invisible shoves, bites, and other physical violations--only grow worse. The entities ...

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Aug 7, 2009

Surviving the extremes in the Paranormal

Mr. LaChance has opened his world of his own personal fear, experience and attacks by the evils of the unknown paranormal.

The storyline is a the run down of Mr. LaChances severe hauntings, and personal attacks on his family. And the events that took place, although some who do not believe in "severe hauntings or attacks", are laid out nicely to follow.

Its not a book you start and leave unfinished, you will keep going, as he has laid out this terrifing history of events that he and his children endured at the Union House they managed to survive for a short time.

Those who possibly may have had paranormal experiences or severe attacks, should definetly read this book. For you may find some solitude, that others out there, have been through it themselves.

And he took the deap breath, to share it with the world, in hopes, he himself can maybe touch many lives to help them, while explaining his own extreme haunting in his home.

This is a must read, even for those who do not believe in the paranormal, it will keep you reading from front to back, and the chills will get your spine.

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