The Unexpected Mrs. Pollifax


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Mrs Emily Pollifax is a 60-ish widow wanting more from life than teas and garden club meetings. In search of adventure, she decides to offer her services to the CIA - who, after all, would spot a suburban grandmother as a cold war secret agent? - and adventure she finds. Her first assignment, in Mexico City, doesn't sound dangerous until something goes wrong. She suddenly finds herself abducted across the world, embroiled in quite a hot Cold War... and her abductors find themselves entangled with one unbelievably feisty ...

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Apr 5, 2010

loved the book

I love all of the Mrs. Pollifax books but the first is still my favorite. It made me feel that life never passes you by unless you let it. Sometimes we feel like we are too old to do the things we wanted to do when we were young, but we are never too old. I love it that Emily decides that rather than throw her life away, she would try to accomplish something she had always wanted. She proved to everyone that you can be useful at any age and also that age offers something that youth does not. Dorothy Gilman makes Mrs. Pollifax seem like a real person to the reader. This is a book that I have re-read many times.


Jun 28, 2007

A New Beginning for Mrs. Pollifax

This is the first of the 15 books in the Pollifax series and sets the tone of the charming series about a little middle-aged lady turned spy. A fun and entertaining read.

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