The Tipping Point: How Little Things Can Make a Big Difference


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THE TIPPING POINT is the biography of an idea, and the idea is quite simple. It is that many of the problems we face - from crime to teenage delinquency to traffic jams - behave like epidemics. They aren't linear phenomena in the sense that they steadily and predictably change according to the level of effort brought to bear against them. They are capable of sudden and dramatic changes in direction. Years of well-intentioned intervention may have no impact at all, yet the right intervention - at just the right time - can ...

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Greg D

Oct 3, 2017

Great product

Fast shipping. Item as described. Would definitely buy from thus seller again

Bean Moreno

Sep 21, 2017

New Perspective

I found this book very enjoyable. Mr Gladwell gave 3 main points in which relate to almost all epidemics. the first was ¨ The Law of the Few¨ which was in which a social group was created and people with specific talents would fit into that group and help solve the problem. The second point was called ¨ The Stickiness Factor¨ in which people were using memories to help relay a message. This was very big through television for children. The last point was called ¨ The power of context¨. He used an example in which there were four young boys trying to rob a middle aged man, and the man had a weapon and fired at them and rebelled. This showed that the environment had an affect the each situation that had a problem. He correlated in which areas that were popular with minor crimes only had minor crimes and the major crimes in that area were down. These were just some of the main points that I found interesting in the book. I would recommend this book to many of my friends that want a different perspective on the world.


Sep 11, 2017

Great book, Great plot

This book is great for finding problems and how to solve them. Mr.Maxwell gives many real life examples that apply to everyone. This book has concepts that in which a situation is becoming difficult to control. My personal favorite is where is talks about smoking, which has affected my life personally. I greatly enjoyed this book and I hope you do also.


Jun 13, 2014

Great Book Great Condition

Very Interesting. Very observant. A really good read. But then I enjoy all of Gladwell's books.

The book itself was in perfect condition and arrived in a most timely manner. Very pleased.


Sep 15, 2011

Stuff You Never Thought Of

This book, along with Gladwell's "Blink" and "Outliers: The Story of Success" are outstanding reads and invoke memories of the first time I read Vance Packard's "The Hidden Persuaders" some forty years ago; the feeling that someone was sharing secrets that had always been kept from me about the world I live in. I'll read more of Malcolm Gladwell.

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