The Thunder of Silence


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Using simple yet powerful guidelines, renowned teacher Joel Goldsmith shows how to achieve health and harmony and positively influence others by discovering God's grace within ourselves. "(Goldsmith's) style is simple, colloquial, spontaneous, and serious".--Chicago Tribune.

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Oct 25, 2014

For Lovers of Mystics

This is a must-read for all who are interested in the oneness of all
life. One of the best of Goldsmith.


Jun 27, 2013

The Thunder of Silence

Every serious student of spiritual wisdom should study this book.

Michael G

Mar 22, 2012

Joel as a non-dual teacher

Joel Goldsmith writes from a perspective of non-duality, uniquely coming from the context of a Christian tradition. I found the book to be of great value in making the distinctions of Christ Consiousness as the reality of each person that so often eludes teachings that are immersed in various christian religions.
He makes very clear the real lesson that Jesus was making in the Sermon on the Mount; that we all are an enlivened part of the divine intelligence that we call god and that we don't need to exert our personal will or power to attain the consciousness of christ.
I can recommend this book to anyone, but specifically for christians who want to openly explore the reality of consciousness that is seldom discussed in any formal christian religion. Then they can freely decide whether to follow that infinite consciousness, or to live life from fear, personal power and material distraction.


Oct 29, 2009

Outstanding Book

For those who are interested in Mysticism, this book is a quantum leap forward. I hope that you will enjoy it and learn from it as I have. I had a study group on this book about 4 years ago and I have started a phone conference study group on Tuesdays from noon to 1:00 to study this. You can contact me at


Aug 2, 2007

Lost Touch

I admire what the author was attempting. He was covering an area so clearly avoided by mainstay Christianity. He touched upon points that needed to be dealt with.
However, the author lost his own way, and crossed over clear boundaries. That is a shame, because the message got lost because he was lost, out of touch. Then the focus became the area he himself walked in confusion over.
To understand where he diverted, and get the answers he could have provided, study the Church Spiritual Mystics, Catholic, Protestant, and Greek Orthodox.
Had he had their teachings, he would not have strayed so far.
A great teacher, but lost touch.

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