The Shell Game


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More than a thriller, "The Shell Game" is a cautionary tale that exposes the next 9/11 event--an attack that will lead to a retaliatory chemical weapons strike on Iran and the terrorist elements the regime supports.

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Jul 17, 2008

Amazing Read!

I've read all of Steve Alten's work. I was introduced to him in high school by one of my teachers and I've never been able to not pick up one of his books. This book is no different and I really couldn't put it down. As with all of Alten's work, it is very detailed and very well researched and I am always very intrigued. It leaves the reader looking for more research on there own time much like the Domain series. I found myself looking up other books quoted in Shell Game and trapped in this whirlwind of thought of the future ahead and the facts of the past.

If there is one book that I would say has had an overwhelming impact on me, it is this book and the picture it paints of the next few years.


Mar 27, 2008

Dazzling political thriller

The Shell Game, named for the game involving three shells and one ball which dates back to the Fifteenth Century, is Steve Alten's latest stand-alone novel. It's a dazzling political thriller about the end of oil and the next 9/11. It's not a conventional novel and can't be classified as fiction or nonfiction. Rather, it's a cautionary tale, backed by upsetting facts, which takes place in 2012 as oil begins to run out. I'm a fan of hard science fiction and I found this book absolutely riveting. I can't recommend it highly enough. Read it! You'll be glad you did.
Steve Alten is now one of a handful of authors whose books I will buy as soon as they are released. I am eagerly awaiting his next book.

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