The Shark Mutiny


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It is the year 2006, and a succession of massive underwater explosions has left three of the world's largest oil tankers burning fiercely in the middle of the Strait of Hormuz. nited States military intelligence conclude that the Iranians have finally carried out their long-standing threat to lay a minefield across the narrow seaway leading to the Persian Gulf. Worse yet, they plainly did it with the active assistance of the People's Rebublic of China. As world oil prices go berserk, Admiral Morgan, the US President's ...

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Jan 16, 2013

Mr. Robinson Disappoints

My first go at the novels by Patrick Robinson and I believe it will be my last. I found the book rife with errors. Examples: the White House does not reside at 1400 Pennsylvania Ave, the USN does not use a "tannoy" but rather the 1MC, and the US Navy is not the "senior service". While the narrative was at times exciting, the dialogue is enough to make you wince. 'Recommend you stick with Nelson DeMille, Vince Flynn or George MacDonald Fraser.


Jun 9, 2008

While they were busy...

This submarine thriller features a partnership between Iran and China, who team up in an effort to gain control of the world's oil supply.
Of course, the U.S. won't just stand by, so their Navy is mobilized to that part of the world. They refer to this as Pax Americana, or peace on American terms.
While the U.S. is busy dealing with mines blowing up tankers, China takes the opportunity to attack Taiwan, supposedly to get back the cultural treasures of China that were taken by Chiang kai-shek when he was exiled to Formosa (now Taiwan). The American public has to ask whether they want to get involved in a war with China, even though they promised to protect Taiwan.
This book has SEAL Black Ops, including one where a character from previous books is killed. It made me sad. But I was glad to see Commander Rick Hunter back leading the SEALs. He's quite a guy, in my imagination, at least.
In another operation, the Captain of the submarine, USS Shark develops strange and paranoid ideas. That, along with his cowardice, leads him to decide to leave the SEALs stranded, in order to save his own skin.
The XO who steps in to save them is charged with mutiny. In the inevitable court martial, he's found guilty although they agree with him. For the greater good of Naval discipline, he's hung out to dry. Not a surprising verdict in situations like this.

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