The Serpent and the Rainbow


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Reissued to coincide with the release of "One River"--a chronicle of Davis' exploration of the Amazon rain forest--"The Serpent and the Rainbow" presents the author's account of his venture into the heart of Haiti, on a search for a powerful sedative--a "zombie drug". "Exotic and far-reaching".--"The Wall Street Journal".

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Dec 19, 2013

Zombies: More to be Pitied Than Censored

This is the story of an American anthropologist who receives a rare entry into Haitian folk medicine of African origin. He meets a zombie and learns how he came to be a zombie. He quarreled with his brother who had him poisoned. He appeared to die and was buried. He was dug up and revived and sold into slavery. He was kept doped up and without a will of his own. He did not eat anyone's brains. He was harmless. The author's pharmacology has been questioned. But not his description of the zombie he met.


Jul 21, 2010

Incredible story, reads like a novel

Wade is a renowned adventurer and writer with a serious academic background in ethnobotany. His biography of Richard Evans Schultes - One river - is deservedly considered a classic.
I am less impressed by this story as it has elements that seem like a fantasy novel and yet it is presented as historical first person narrative. In short I am not sure whether to shelve is as a work of the imagination or as a serious ethnological study presented in a racy style.

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