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The craze in positive thinking that swept American culture thanks to celebrity endorsements from such popular figures as Oprah Winfrey comes from the page to the screen with The Secret. Derived from a tradition said to date back hundreds of years, the philosophy of The Secret is believed to help people reach their goals and lead happier lives, with a technique for thinking and doing that's been employed by some of history's most accomplished people. Cammila Collar, Rovi

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ellen k

Oct 18, 2012


For years I had been hearing the stuff about positive thinking, yada, yada. But this simplified everything so clearly! Being the skeptic that I tend to be, I wrote down a list of things I was grateful for - some were current, and some were no way stuff, but I expressed my happiness as if that were happening right now.
I hadn't spoken to my mother for over 7 years. Last summer, I asked my older sister if she thought it be okay if I wrote to Mom (she just turned 86). She said that Mom was doing too well and that it might make her worse.
One of the things I wrote on my list was the great relationship I have with my mother. Imagine my shock just three weeks later, when out of the blue, I got an e-mail from my sister that Mom was doing much better, and that if i still wanted to write, it would be okay.
I can't recommend this movie highly enough. I have re-watched it at least five more times.


Sep 9, 2010

This film was recommended by a shrink.
It's all true


Dec 24, 2009

Secret Law of Attraction

We are lucky in our time that this secret has been spread through the internet and modern media, so that it can no longer be suppressed. There is also a danger that ir will be used by the dark side. Whether considered science, occult power, or the lost mode of prayer, it is something everyone should know about. The principles are well explained in the video, which I will treasure in my library. The only thing lacking in the video is motivation to use the secret.


Jul 29, 2008


Since watching "The Secret" me and my husband have tried to impliment the rule of attraction. If nothing else it teaches us to be positive and stop focusing on the negative. This movie is definetely a helpful tool for improving life. It has given us the momentum we seemed to have been lacking in order to get us on the track to happiness and success.

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