The Secret Life of Plants


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Sep 26, 2012

Everything has a right to grow

The information in this book is revealing. We seem to think we are the only ones alive that is capable of having thoughts & emotions.

this book challenges your beliefs. The world around us what not we think. Quantum Physics explains this and its up to us to be in control or be controlled.

Search Masaru Emoto - Thoughts & Water.

Everything is Alive, and it is Aware of You.

Peace Love Light


Sep 4, 2008


This book has created in me a whole new outlook on the world around me. I had always suspected that there was more to the flowers and trees than what we can see. This book not only proved me right, it led me into a whole new reality.

Because of a lot of scientific terms, I did find it difficult to follow sometimes. And I thought there could have been fewer chapters on how the plant scientists proved their point to non-believers. However, if it hadn't been for these two items (the last one in particular) I would have given the book a five star rating.


Aug 14, 2008


Just a word of warning to those of you who might be like me and believe this book would be based on something near solid information. It's not. For instance, one section discusses how a man named Sauvin has used his thoughts, sent through a plant, to work a remote-controlled toy plane, and, also, this man has developed a plant that can locate a hijacker at an airport. As you might imagine, the authors suggest that much of this information is suppressed by the government.

A very dissapointing read, in my opinion.

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