The Second World War


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By the author of "The Price of Admiralty", this book approaches the war from a thematic and periodic standpoint. The course of the war is divided into six passages and attached to each is an analytical narrative of a battle, which exemplifies a mode of warfare special to this war, such as city sieges, an air battle, an airborne operation, an aircraft carrier battle, a tank battle and an amphibious landing. The author takes as his starting point the outcome of the First World War, and what it meant in particular for the ...

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Dec 20, 2007

Very Good

If you have read anything from John Keegan you know what an amazing historical writer he is. This book is no exception. It is packed with information, but it is more of an 'overview' of the entire war. Of course you can fit only so much info about a huge topic into one book. But it is a great starting point, and you can read other books about particular battles/offensive (for example 'Barborrsa').
I highly recommend this book.

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