The Second Time Around


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Nicholas Spencer, charismatic head of the medical research company Gen-Stone, involved in the development of an anticancer vaccine, suddenly disappears. His private plane crashes, but his body is not found. Rocking the financial and medical world even more, comes the shocking revelation that Spencer had looted Gen-Stone of huge sums of money - and that his wife, Lynn, is accused of having participated in the scam. Narrowly escaping death when her mansion is set on fire, Lynn turns to her stepsister, Carley, a columnist for ...

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dana a

Aug 30, 2016

the second time around

I received book today and it is in good condition would recommend to others


Dec 10, 2009

Mary Higgins Clark's book continue to get better each time.


Apr 12, 2007


Twists and turns, conspirators, co-conspirators, angry stockholders, a devious stepsister and a psychopath killer, what more could you want.

Nicholas Spencer a Pharmaceutical entrepreneur is determined to develop a vaccine that cures cancer. We learn about his first wife's ill-fated battle with the disease and his concern for his son and millions of other children he wants to save from the heartbreak of losing a parent to cancer. But he mysteriously vanishes when his plane crushes on the way to Puerto Rico and the police can't find his body.

His company Gen-stone, which has been developing the anticancer vaccine immediately announces that the anticancer vaccine which seemed highly promising in earlier testing is been denied FDA approval and that all of the investors have lost their money, Nicolas immediately becomes the suspect of fraud.

The day after the news of her husband's plane crash, Lynn attends a stockholders meeting dressed in expensive clothing and jewelry and is accused by stockholders of having participated in her husband?s scam.

That very night Nicolas, Mansion is burned down and Lynn narrowly escapes death, petrified she turns to Carly her stepsister, who is a Wall street financial economist turned investigative reporter begging her to use her investigative skills to prove that she was not her husband's accomplice.

Carly is led on a hot trail of clues as she becomes entangled in the mystery surrounding the plane crash, several strange accidents started to happen as she figures out the plot (scam people out of their hard earned money) as well as discovering Nicolas romantic affair with an administrative assistant. She must decide if Nicolas faked his death or was he possibly murdered.

Meanwhile, there is indeed someone else behind the scenes, a disturbed killer, a man driven over the edge not only having lost all his money on the vaccine but also by the recent death of his wife, Annie, Ned decides to kill every person he feels has committed an injustice against him.

Carly is distracted as her tragic past catches up with her, could she be the next victim? .
Medical fraud and financial manipulation is riveting, cancer patients tug at your heartstrings, hard book to put down.

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