The Seat of the Soul


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With lucidity and elegance, the award-winning author of "The Dancing Wu Li Masters" shows how the pursuit of external power has produced our survival-of-the-fittest understanding of evolution; generated conflict between lovers, communities, and superpowers; and brought us to the edge of destruction.

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Michael D

Dec 21, 2015

Difficult, Maybe Even Goofy If It's Not Your Time

"Seat of the Soul" is not as reader-friendly as you might think from a former bestseller. But it is a good positive message. It's challenging in the realm of personal growth--to apply what you're reading, you have to get out of your comfort zone and go against old behaviors and attitudes. Ultimately, though, the ideas are universal. In my own case I found that it dovetails in many ways with the 12 Steps and with some Christian reading I've done, and with a few ideas I've picked up in a general way from the world of physics and astronomy (and the author does bring science in on a regular a basis). But at any rate, I seem to have picked it up when I was ready and open to it; I'm guessing if it's not the right book for you at the right time (and there's no judgment in that, I don't mean that in a snooty "more evolved than thou" sort of way), it might seem like New Age babbling. Karma and reincarnation are tough concepts to wrap one's head around, and the idea of something like parallel universes of conscious entities all affecting one another, us included, is also a difficult one. But, I just seem to have hit this book when I was kind of calmly open to such ideas. I don't swallow it all without any skepticism and I'm not going to throw everything over and make it my guiding "religion", but it has been simply more good input on the journey. My suggestion: take what you need and leave the rest.

James H

Jul 14, 2011

not a keeper

Brings nothing new to the table and kind of wanders around not getting to any kind of point(s).
Extremely hard to stay interested to even finish

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