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This is a translation into Russian of the famous work by Anton LaVey entitled "The Satanic Bible".

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Aug 15, 2010

Interesting Read

When i picked up this book a couple years ago i was imagining a book filled with animal sacrifices and the evils of Satan. Being an atheist i found that this book would be interesting to read. It does hold some power, i did think about converting to satanism at one point after reading the book. The book is a well written description of how LaVey saw the world and religion. He explains how life is the great indulgence so don't abstain yourself. He explains the rules also to being a satanist. I was very surprised to see that he chose the embodiment of Satan to build the religion to show people that Satan isn't the root of all evil, but instead a figure used by the church to scare people into being christian. It is a fantastic book and a very interesting philosophy i recommend that at least every atheist or Buddhist reads this book.


Jan 21, 2010

4 stars

This book arrived in excellent shape. Not a bit of damage to any part of it. I gave it a rating of 4 stars because I have never read a book like this and have nothing to compare it too. Unlike any christian bible, I can understand anything that is written in "The Satanic Bible". I am looking forward to completing reading the rest of it.


Dec 3, 2007

Simplifies the Philosophical, true nature of Man!

This book handles down and compiles into one single handy reading the truth, nature, and gospel of how we can trully live our undeniable existence!

Read and understand with an open mind. Everything in here is something worthwhile! Know how to cope up with everyday living. Understand and defend yourself against stupidity and ignorance! Heed before nature and behold! Every man and woman is a star!

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