The River Why


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Since its publication by Sierra Club Books more than two decades ago, "The River Why" has become a classic, standing with Norman Maclean's "A River Runs Through It" as our era's most widely read fiction about fly-fishing. This captivating and exuberant tale is told by Gus Orviston, an irreverent young fly fisherman and one of the most appealing heroes in contemporary American fiction. Leaving behind a madcap, fishing-obsessed family, Gus decides to strike out on his own, taking refuge in a remote riverbank cabin to pursue ...

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Nov 11, 2014

Laugh out loud funny

What characters - are there people like this out there? So intelligent but so.....obsessed....with fishing. But don't let that put you off. The River Why should appeal to anyone who appreciates nature and wants to conserve it. Read the first chapter. I'll bet you get hooked. Best savored a little at a time but worth the time taken.

Dave M

Oct 24, 2013

life lessons

This a timeless book. of which has very little to do with the art of fly fishing and a great deal to do with the art of living a full life!


Feb 14, 2013

Prepare to buy several copies!

This beautiful story about family, fishing, love and loss and spirituality and life itself has moved me deeply every time I've read it--and has become a wonderful gift to friends. Duncan's use of words, his descriptions and his characters, are perfect. Don't just buy a copy for yourself; I'll bet that before you're halfway through you'll be putting together a list of people you know who will want to read it, too,


Aug 11, 2008

Wonderful book

I picked this book up at a garage sale (sorry Alibris!) not knowing what I was getting. What a pleasant surprise! Duncan takes us on a journey through "Gus", the young man who basically lives to fish and decides to shape his life around that very thing. I'm not much of a fisherman, so don't let that scare you away. The story is about Gus' journey of self-discovery which he finds during his quest to fish and understand fish. I found myself also experiencing some self-discovery, and having some good laughs (and an occasional tear) along the way. Really worth the read.

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