The Private Eyes ()

directed by Lang Elliott
featuring Tim Conway, Don Knotts, Trisha Noble, Bernard Fox, Grace Zabriskie

Show Synopsis

Tim Conway and Don Knotts play two bumbling Scotland Yard investigators out to solve a double murder in this silly send-up of vintage, "old dark house" films. The intrepid Winship (Knotts) and his assistant Tart (Conway) arrive at a Gothic mansion occupied by the grieving heiress Phyllis (Tricia Noble), whose parents have just perished under suspicious circumstances. Meanwhile, a quirky crew of servants ranging from a butler with serious rage issues to a samurai warrior cook and busty maid with a bubbly personality all ...

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Sep 14, 2008

Just too funny!!

This movie is so funny I just had to see it again, and again. When it came out 27 years ago, I saw it at a drive-in. I was nine months pregnant and laughed so hard I went into labor. It was the best night of my life! When they go out looking around at night, and come across a guy obviously digging a grave, they ask him what he is digging. "For worms" is the ridiculous answer. I laughed and laughed! Then they hear this blood curdling scream and say, "He must have found some worms." I laughed so hard tears ran down my face.
This is a classic. Just a wonderful film, that the whole family can enjoy.
It is a mystery. Don Knotts comes from Scotland Yard to investigate a murder. Everyone in the house looks like a suspect. Just when they decide who did it, that person is murdered. They eventually figure it out, after alot of fun and laughter!

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