The Portable Atheist: Essential Readings for the Nonbeliever


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Hitchens, acclaimed journalist and bestselling author of "God Is Not Great," selects and introduces an illuminating collection of the most essential and influential writings for the non-believer, including selections from Charles Darwin, Thomas Jefferson, Richard Dawkins, and others.

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preston h

May 12, 2011

Nice collection

I'm not even half-way through the book, but I recommend it as a nice sampling of atheist/agnostic thinking from antiquity up to modern times. Hitchens' introduction is not more than a long rant; fortunately the rest of the book is much better.


Jun 3, 2010

Reason trumps revelation

Each essay in this book was written by a prominent unbeliever , from the Roman philosopher Lucretius to the self-proclaimed infidel Ayaan Hirsi Ali from Somalia. But I was especially drawn to Carl van Doren's essay "Why I am an Unbeliever" for he has given me, in a nutshell. a philosophy of unbelief. In his words "Each discovery of a new truth brings him[the unbeliever] a brings him a vivid joy." and so it does. Why must we clutter our loves with religious magic, spells, rites, bewitchment and enchantment.


Apr 15, 2010

The Portable Atheist

The selections are all not of the same interest to the general reader. But overall the book is very good. I have ordered some additional copies. This book, as the title suggests is not out to proselytize but provides academic material for the confirmed or uninformed reader..


Jan 31, 2008

A Complete Course

A terrific book. Well developed with articles from different time periods together.

A whole course in ethics and philosophy......have shared with many friends.

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