The Path Between the Seas: The Creation of the Panama Canal 1870-1914


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The National Book Award-winning epic chronicle of the creation of the Panama Canal, a first-rate drama of the bold and brilliant engineering feat that was filled with both tragedy and triumph, told by master historian David McCullough. From the Pulitzer Prize-winning author of Truman , here is the national bestselling epic chronicle of the creation of the Panama Canal. In The Path Between the Seas, acclaimed historian David McCullough delivers a first-rate drama of the sweeping human undertaking that led to the creation ...

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Dec 2, 2012

Simply fantastic!!!

Truly one of the best books I've ever read. History, politics, corruption, power, all the ingredients are concerning modern man simply shown as the wheel of the lifestyle of mankind persists, often unpunished. Even Machiavelli would like to read this book.

Eric E

Nov 22, 2012

Path Between the Seas

I was stationed in Panama between 1990 and 1991, and that was the first time I read this book; it is a wonderful history of the events leading up to the construction of the canal, and then detailing both the French and the American construction efforts. I remember thinking at the time it was the best history book I'd ever read. Its now been 20 years since I left Panama, and I have to admit that it is still a wonderful book, with really two entirely different stories, the first pertaining to the French effort, the second to the American effort. This book is a lot like McCullough's John Adams, it brings both the characters and the period.... and even more importantly, the environment alive for the reader. Why the environment? It is really the Panamanian jungle and the Chagres River that are the arch villians in this story. I think I've now read the book 4 times in total, and I expect I will read it at least once more before the inevitable big dirt nap. Excellent book, great story, you will not be disappointed. By the way, McCullogh's Johnstown Flood and John Adams are two wonderful books that should not be missed. Why? They both take a historical event, humanize it, make a story out of it, and stay with the reader for years....If you like your history to be a story and more than a series of data points, you will like McCullough's writing style...


Aug 18, 2011

Panama Canal Story

I haven't finished this quite yet, but it reads like a novel.... totally fascinating account of this amazing world changing project. David McCullough is one of the most talented writers alive!

James K

Jul 21, 2011

"The Path Between the Seas"

"The Path Between the Seas" by David McCullough. Like all of David McCullough's books, this is excellent. Interesting and well researched.


Jan 6, 2011

Panama Canal

If you are planning on either sailing through the Panama Canal or visiting Panama, then this is a must read!

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