The Overworked American: The Unexpected Decline of Leisure


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A publishing phenomenon--the subject of enormous media attention, lavish acclaim from reviewers, and extraordinary sales--this national bestseller explains why, contrary to all expectations, Americans are working harder than ever. Schor shows how labor supply, unemployment, and the addictive nature of consumption lead to longer and longer hours, and what we can do about it.

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Felice T

Dec 9, 2010

Overworked American

this was a great book which described the conditions of the American worker and the value of time in our lives. It was written 20 years ago but the point is still the same today.
We must take time and give it the value it deserves in our lives and not equate time with money.


Jan 29, 2009

unusual and insightful perspective

This book provides an unusual perspective on the unexpected loss of leisure time in America. The focus is on how materialism of individuals and corporations has trumped leisure. She has insightful perspectives and facts about how life has changed with the advent of industrialzation, urbanization, two-income families, etc.

For example, she points out that if we were willing to live at the same comfortable material level we did in 1948, we would only have to work every other day, or four hours per day, or every other week, or every other year! She has the math to back this up too, unbelievable thought it sounds. This is due to increased efficiencies and productivity. Unfortunately, businesses and individuals have always chosen more money than time and are now slaves to a fast-paced, overworked, leisure-lacking, material lifestyle.

You won't find another perspective on leisure with this economic and social insight. The book encourages you re-evaluate the quality of your own life to ensure that you spend more time on leisure. After all, when retirees are interviewed about what changes they would make with hindsight, they almost all say that they would have spent less time at work and more time with their friends and family. Good advice for all of us, especially way, way before retirement.

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