The Other Alice: The Story of Alice Liddell and Alice in Wonderland

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In 1862, Charles Dodgson took his neighbor Alice on a picnic and told her a story that later became Alice in Wonderland (which he published under the name Lewis Carroll). This book lets readers imagine what it must have been like to be a child in Victorian England. Photos; full-color illustrations.

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Katherine P

Jul 4, 2015

Alice lives!

Recommended reading for anyone, of any age, who has read and loved Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass.


Feb 27, 2008

Biography comes Alive in The Other Alice

The Other Alice by Christina Bjork and Inga-Karin Eriksson tells the story of real person Alice Liddell, on whom the character Alice in Wonderland is based. And its not only the story of Alice Liddell, but tells how the Alice in Wonderland was created, and the relationship between the real Alice and the story's author Charles Dodgson (Lewis Carroll). And it is much more than that, it gives a glimpse into what it was like to live in the 1860s, combining biography with history. It focuses on aspects likely to appeal to children, like what type of clothes Alice would have worn, types of activities she would engage in etc. Best of all it's illustrated with lots of drawings and photos so that the reader stays engaged with the story. It is aimed at older children, say around 9 and up, but can be enjoyed by readers of all ages. I loved it, and I am quite a bit older than 9.

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