The Old Wine Shades


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Scotland Yard's Richard Jury is drawn into one of the strangest cases he's ever encountered, by a man who tells Jury that his wife, son, and dog disappeared one day while they were in Surrey. Nearly a year later, the dog has returned. Available in a Premium Edition.

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Apr 8, 2007

The tale that wagged the dog

Jury has been drawn into stories before but has never been drawn in to a story. In this delightful murder mystery Jury becomes part of the story within. As he sits and listens to an odd, yet compelling tale unfold from a complete stranger sitting at a bar, the only truth comes from a dog sitting under it. Jury, caught in his own personal dilemmas, cannot tell truth from the lie. His good friend Melrose comes to his aid once again. His club and the sketchy characters introduced serve as a sounding board for Jury's growing absorption and apprehension: at once helping him to maintain a sense of proportion but also allowing him to indulge in a cavalier indulgence that flaunts the suspension placed upon him by his superiors at 'the job".
Many of the old familiar faces are added as adjuncts to the action. The sad part is that they are not involved more in the final outcome, but this does allow Jury to further develop as a character, and provide us with more insight into this lovely man.

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