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Whether you're learning alone or attending classes, you'll find this complete Russian language course for beginners both accessible and indispensable. Designed to provide the student with an excellent command of basic Russian (the equivalent of A' level standard) the book features thirty lessons punctuated by revision exercises to ensure you have fully understood what you have learned. The emphasis is on acquiring vocabulary, experiencing conversational language and learning useful grammar. The book also includes a ...

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Book Geek

Jun 22, 2020

Having studied three other foreign languages successfully, I would say that The New Penguin Russian Course is an excellent foreign language textbook because it is set up systematically. Each chapter consists of a brief explanation, practice exercises and a quiz at the end of each section, complete with an answer key at the back of the book. The author of this book has clearly taught Russian previously to English speakers; the brief biography at the beginning of the textbook even stated that he has spent his life doing so at the post-secondary level, so he has practical experience to back up his teaching methods. This is because his explanations are easy to understand, even for the utmost beginner, to the point where this book is a worthwhile tool for those students teaching the Russian language to themselves. This book also forgoes a lot of the bells and whistles like colorful photographs and fancy graphics in favor of being reasonably priced. I would therefore recommend The New Penguin Russian Course to any beginner who wants exposure to the Russian language without the expense of a community college course, continuing education class, or similar textbooks at more than several times the cost. This textbook is an outstanding resource for anyone wishing to learn the Russian language in way that is both manageable academically and affordable financially.

Andreas M

Dec 31, 2019

Excellent condition

The book is in excellenet condition. Has not been read before. It contains enough material for a complete two year advanced level course in Russian. Ideal for someone like myself, who has not time to attend intensive courses in russian language for adults.

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