The New Bill James Historical Baseball Abstract


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In nearly 1,000 separate articles, James ranks--and writes about--the top 100 players by position in baseball history . . . and, more than that, introduces a remarkable new statistic called "Win Shares, " a way of quantifying individual performance that equalizes the offensive and defensive contributions of catchers, pitchers, infielders, and outfielders. 50 photos throughout.

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Jan 26, 2009

The most fun you can have without getting arrested

Well....let?s be fair here. I am not really much of a baseball guy but I am certainly a history guy. I respect the game...."The Great American Pastime", but as a rule I do not play nor do I watch the game. I am not much of a stat guy and everything I know about baseball I learned from the movie "The Natural"....So what the hell am I doing reviewing this book? Well, I am reviewing it because I absolutely LOVE IT! Bill James makes Baseball fun and fascinating! If he can do that for a casually interested, history buff, novice... I would imagine that this book must be absolutely amazing for those who actually know what he is talking about! I have heard that James and his methods are sometimes a bit controversial to certain baseball devotees but weather you love him or hate cannot, nor should you, ignore him!

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