The Mote in God's Eye


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Aliens - Moties - were first contacted in AD3017 in the region of space known as the Coalsack. The eponymous mote in his eye, which has winked out, much to the distress of pious Himmists, just might have been Motie laser light. It might even indicate the position of their home planet.

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Dec 6, 2007

One of the Best

I first read this book years ago. Upon a recent re-reading I was struck by how provocative and timely the story is. The proposed future history of man is worthy reading for a history class. What are the forces that drive historical events? The authors have provided a rich substrate for speculative discussion. The first contact with alien beings is well handled and the slow unveiling of their past is similarly provocative and familiar. An excellent book. I bought two copies as gifts.


Aug 31, 2007

Awesome First Contact Story

The Mote in God's Eye is Larry Niven's finest First Contact stories. He weaves a good hard sci-fi tale of humankind's encounter with a slightly less technologically advanced organism that suffers from a biological problem that could spread across the universe if humans reveal certain technology to their savvy engineers.

Definitely up there with Ringworld in the Niven pantheon of great books.

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