The Most Interesting Person in the Room: A brief guide to understanding the world


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The Most Interesting Person in the Room is a rich, fast-paced exploratory journey into the world. This debut book from author Thomas Vernon is a glorified fact book, exploring the broad topics into Health, History, Sport, Finance, and Death.

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Larry House

Nov 18, 2020

Very amusing book

Part of this book is right up my alley. It chronicles a wide variety of topics, and shows how history and science are filled with the most fascination stories.
Its a very amusing book. I dont know whether the result derived are true or not but they seems very plausible. Like the doctors bleeding George Washington to death by cutting him!! A very fun read. I suggest to all my friends that you should definitely try at least one chapter and if you like plz do continue.


Nov 13, 2020

Awesome book... Pretty amazing insights.

Awesome book... Pretty amazing insights. Iâ??ve found this valuable piece of literature applicable to life. Honestly, I never thought Iâ??d be reading about Aids, the Stock Market, how the body decomposes, yet here I am and did I find it interesting and insightful.
The book itself.. it's curious and something everyone should read. There are some lessons inside and lessons are always good to learn. I think a lot of it kind of seems like common sense but everyone is different and I still discovered from it as you will too I'm sure.

Check it! See what you think.

Drew Mason

Nov 6, 2020

hugely ambitious book

There are far too many fascinating assertions in this book to even mention. But for me the most fascinating is why Americanâ??s celebrate Christopher Columbusâ??s discovery of America, when in fact the explorer never actually landed on the country!! When I read this section, I was blown away and actually had to double check. To my surprise, yest Columbus never landed in North America and the reasoning why they celebrate him is bizarre ( I wonâ??t spoil it) I enjoyed how the author was able to highlight unique, strange facts and present them in a clear, readable manner.

This is a hugely ambitious book; it takes a very broad approach, condensing vast topics into short chapters. All in all, reading this book felt like reading an entertaining science or history textbook. It was really fascinating to take a look at the world and realize how unique and strange the world is.
I definitely recommend reading it.

Isabella Black

Nov 3, 2020

Simply Put: Would Recommend

This book was good but not great, I?¢â??¬â??¢ll give it a 4/5. I have read most of these reviews and I agree with everyone that the book is fun, entertaining, and a lot of stories and facts. I also agree that this book is not like anything I?¢â??¬â??¢ve ever read before.

However, I think sometimes the writer when too far down the rabbit hole, to steal an express from the book. In chapter two for example, the writer went through every single name of all 30 teams in the NBA. This was really cool and interesting but maybe he could have focused on just the top 5. Furthermore, is Chapter 3, it discusses the countries in the world which have the lowest life expectancy. Once again fun, fascinating facts and stories but I think we went to far into why they have the lowest life expectancy.

However, 4 stars out of 5 stars is still really good and I loved the book. I enjoy that each chapter is not connect to the next. Furthermore, each subchapter is not connected to the previous sub-chapter, rather it just follows the same theme. I.e Sport, Money, Death. Etc.

Would recommend!

Alex .N

Nov 2, 2020

Easy and fun to read

Easy and fun to read. This is a nonfiction book filled with interesting pieces of trivia, arcane historical facts, and tidbits of little known knowledge, each little piece made bite-sized and easy to understand for the common man.
I would recommend this to anyone open to thinking about the way they think. If creativity can be taught and if people are willing to take novel approaches to problem solving, then this book provides a way forward. Sure, it could be summarized into a single poster with some bullet points, but the narrative anecdotes give concrete reality to the tips.
On the negative side, I donâ??t think that is book should be called a guide, but rather stories about the world. It is very random in its layout and is not organized at all like a guide. Some of the stories and facts I donâ??t entirely agree with, however they are nearly impossible to correct. For example, why did they bleed George Washington so heavily when they were treating him for laryngitis, or why did Humans leave Africa 10,000 years ago. Overall, good read 4-5 stars.

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