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Translated directly from the ancient Hebrew and Greek texts into today's American idiom, "The Message" is designed as a reading Bible. With no distracting verse numbers or stiff, formal language, the 66 books of Scripture unfold like a gripping novel. Black, bonded leather.

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Richard G

Jun 23, 2011

Great Modern Translation

Peterson was upset when he discovered ordinary parishioners did not enjoy studying the Bible like he did. So he took on the task of making the Bible as exciting to modern day readers as the original texts were to readers of ancient times. He didn't worry about translating line for line, he just wanted to bring the text alive, and he succeeded! The best modern translation of the Bible in my opinion. Exciting to read. If you find traditional translations daunting, this is the one for you.


Feb 24, 2011

The Message

As a child I could never understand the Bible. A year ago, a friend loaned me her copy of The Message and I finally "got it". This is an amazing translation of the Bible in today's vernacular. It was a joy to read (cover to cover). Eugene Peterson's work is a tremendous gift to the world and I'm very grateful to have been introduced to "The Message".


Jun 7, 2010

Do not read

This BOOK smells like smoke and is from HELL. This is not a translation of the WORD of GOD but a very poor effort to be PC.


Oct 24, 2008

A Fresh View

There are many 'translations' and 'paraphrases' of the Bible out there. If the reader is a KJV literalist, this book will not help further their study of scripture. I chose to look at many sources and find great incite with even the changing of one word. Therefore, I very much enjoy the freshness and passion of this new attempt to proclaim "The Message".


Sep 13, 2007

Take a Closer Look

I made the mistake of ordering the version without the numbered verses. In other words, if you are studying the King James Version and you want to compare it to The Message for better understanding of the verses, then you need the numbers. I am going to order another The Message, becase the one I have is simply not good enough. The whole reason to get this Bible is so that it reads in our modern language and is easier to understand, but if you struggle finding the right verse within the chapter, then it is frustrating. Skip this one and buy the one with the numbers!

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