The Memory Keeper's Daughter


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The multi-million copy bestseller, Kim Edwards' The Memory Keeper's Daughter is a moving and poignant novel about grief, family and betrayal. Families have secrets they hide even from themselves... It should have been an ordinary birth, the start of an ordinary happy family. But the night Dr David Henry delivers his wife's twins is a night that will haunt five lives for ever. For though David's son is a healthy boy, his daughter has Down's syndrome. And, in a shocking act of betrayal whose consequences only time will reveal ...

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Aug 25, 2009


It's hard to believe that something like this could actually happen. I'm sure it happens more than we know. Thank goodness for unconditional love. This was a page turner and a tear jerker. Excellent book club read.


Jul 28, 2008


This novel is the story of one family's downfall after a father's betrayal, and the creation of another family. When a doctor delivers his children, he finds that he has one perfect boy, and a girl with Down's syndrome. Unable to bear the affect he believes this will have on his family, he asks his assisting nurse to take the baby away. The novel outlines the distance he creates from his family to hide his secret, and the new family that is created when the nurse takes the little girl to raise as her own. A good read, definitely worth a beach chair and a cold drink!


Oct 25, 2007

Very good book, hard to put down once you start. Make sure you bring the kleenex whenever you plan on reading!


Aug 28, 2007

A page turner!

Wonderful read. Compelling and though-provoking. Great pic for bookclub!


Aug 16, 2007

A decent read

I read MKD for my book club. One a 1-5 scale, we gave it a 3. The story is interesting and keeps you reading. But some of us didn't care for the writing style; the author tended to tell you what you should be thinking about the plot instead of revealing information and allowing you to draw your own conclusions. It went from a slow pace in for the first 2/3rds of the book, then the last 1/3rd seemed to fly to get everything in and bring it to resolution.

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