The Measure of a Lady


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Rachel van Buren is on a whirlwind tour of the west in this humorous historical romance. Can she unhook her endangered heart or will she leave it in San Francisco?

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Mar 17, 2013

A Gentle and Thoughtful Story!

The author writes vividly about San Francisco and how difficult life could be during this era. My favorite phrase was ?a sunbonnet? ? a phrase used to refer to a decent and honorable lady. At the time of this story, ~ 1849, sunbonnets were in short supply in San Francisco.

Rachel is a strong character who is called upon to face her prejudices against folks who did not live according to her strict moral code. This main character feels safe in her self-righteousness because the people who offend her view of morality live outside her circle.

When her younger sister, Lissa, steps across the line; this puts her in conflict with her brother. Rachel must re-evaluate her views. I thought that ?who really owned the building and rented it to her? brought her prejudice into sharp focus.

It was an interesting story about how all of us can feel comfortable with negative feelings, as long as the people closest to us ascribe to the same feelings. When facts come to light, we have a choice ? stay blind (and lose those people from our lives) or change.

Rachel knew that if she did not change, she would lose her brother too. She saw that she might be the oldest sibling but she could learn something from her brother, Michael. The author makes the point that all of us learn from others ? as long as we are open to seeing beyond our view.

Douglas R

Sep 2, 2010

Maintains your interest.

I only read the book because it was recommended. I was not sorry. The book kept me turning pages until I had finished all too soon. I look forward to the next book in the series even though the books are not really interrelated.


Sep 13, 2007

Not What I Expected

This book totally surprised me. I thought it would be a typical Christian romance. Hardly. It was so funny I laughed out loud, which I never do. Things that happened to her family caused me anguish. It really made you think about how to walk the fine line between standing your ground and falling for anything. The spiritual struggles were presented realistically and came to a satisfactory ending without necessarily a happy ending. Excellent book! I ran out and got her newest book right away.


Apr 16, 2007

Not as good as a Bride most Begrudging, this novel is set in the wake of the California gold rush and tells the story of 3 teens who lose their father and have to start over in a mining town. Especially will interest those that like historical inspirational romances.

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