The Major and the Minor ()

directed by Billy Wilder
featuring Ginger Rogers, Ray Milland, Diana Lynn, Robert Benchley, Rita Johnson

Show Synopsis

A woman's attempt to disguise herself as an underage girl mushrooms into a series of humorous deceptions in this romantic comedy. Ginger Rogers stars as Susan Applegate, a young woman living in New York who, nearly broke and sick of the city, decides to head home to Iowa. Lacking the money for a regular ticket, she pretends to be an unusually tall 11-year old girl named Sue-Sue in order to pay half-price. The train conductors catch on to her scheme, however, forcing her to take refuge in the car of Major Philip Kirby (Ray ...


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Dec 28, 2011


This movie about a young lady who tries to pass her self off as a pre-teen is just too funny. If you need some laughs, this is a great movie.

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