The Lone Star Ranger


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After shooting a man in self-defense, Buck Duane is forced to flee his Texas home. A hunted fugitive on the wrong side of the law, he will risk his life to save a beautiful woman from a murderous outlaw band--and gamble his freedom to help bring order to a wild and dangerous frontier. Over 30 million Zane Grey paperbacks sold since 1954.

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Feb 23, 2020

Buck Duane, Ranger

What has traditionally been one of the best selling of Zane Grey's novels, and considered by some to be one of his best, I find far inferior to the two novels from which this book was created by the editors at Harper Brothers. The two novels, Last of the Duanes and Rangers of the Lone Star stand far above this book. There are too many missing events and characters in this version. The female love interest is completely missing in Part Two of the book and there are many other unanswered questions created by the melding of these two works. But, if one is to have a complete set of Zane Grey, then this book is collectable and readable; but NOT one of his best. It is however far superior to anything being published today. I'd say this book is average, or little below average.


Jan 20, 2009

shades of the old west

Buckley (Buck) Duane has inherited his fathers skills with a gun. He is fast and accurate. He also has the hot blood of his father, and the pioneer spirit of his mother. He is called out by a half drunk loud mouth, but Buck refuses to fight. Buck doesn't want the reputation of being a gun fighter. The word is spred around that Buck is a coward. The next time he is called out he answers the challenge, and he kills the man after he lets the man draw first. In the rest of the first half of the book, Buck is on the run. He hides out with outlaws, but he never associates with them to the extent that he breaks the law. The second half of the book is about his life as a Texas Ranger. Captain MacNelly, of the Texas Rangers, has gotten a pardon for him from the governor with the proviso that Buck become a Texas Ranger and help clean up the gangs in West Texas. It's easy and exciting reading. If you like westerns, You should like this book.

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