The Last Continent


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In this side-splitting satire, a professor at Unseen University is missing. But never fear, for a bevy of wizards will follow his trail, even to the other side of Discworld, a magical land where the Last Continent is under construction. Awaiting the wizards are Mad Dwarf, Death, Death of Rats, and the dreaded Meat Pie Floater.

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Jon T

Dec 6, 2014

a pratchett favorte

this is my favorite Discworld novel featuring the anti-hero, almost non-wizard Rincewiind. Absolutely comical adventure. If you like Pratchett, you will have a hard time putting this one down.


Feb 7, 2008

Wonderfully Comedic

If you are into gritty, hard hitting Sci/Fi Fantasy books full of magic and monsters, swords and shields, town guards and dirty thieves each embroiled in gruesomely detailed combat? well, this probably isn?t the book for you. If on the other hand you have always wondered what a fantasy world would be like if the Gods had brilliantly gifted imaginations, and no real concern for anything even remotely in line with physics, well step right this way!
Terry Pratchett takes all that is traditional in a Fantasy saga and shows it to his readers in a way that is laugh out loud funny. Everything that Douglas Adams did with Sci/Fi, Pratchett has done with Fantasy, and more. It?s fast paced, well written, thought provoking silliness at its finest!
A must read for any and all hard core Fantasy lovers. A real fanboy treat.

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