The Jesus Incident


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The last survivors of humanity have just been deposited on Pandora, a horrific, poisonous planet rife with deadly nerve-runners, hooded dashers, airborne jellyfish, and intelligent kelp. The determined colonists attempt to establish a bridgehead on the deadly, inhospitable planet, but more trouble arises. Their sentient ship--backed up by an impressive array of armaments--has decided it is God and is insisting the colonists find appropriate ways to worship it. In an attempt to help the people pass its test, Ship awakens ...

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Jul 20, 2007

It's not Dune but ...

The situation Frank Herbert and Bill Ransom have created in The Jesus Incident does have the same kind of mythological/religious underpinnings. And, while the characters are motivated and caught up in by the same kind of mystical religiosity that saturates the Dune universe, they just don't ever transcend that human, yet more-than-human threshhold. Chapter after chapter I kept waiting for that Dunish awesomeness, but alas, it seemed as though the story and characters just kept falling short and just sort of hung - almost there, but just not quite.

While it's not Dune (and I mean the entire Dune cycle), it's certainly worth a read.

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