The Inner Game of Tennis


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The Inner Game of tennis is that which takes place in our mind, played against such elusive opponents as nervousness, self-doubt and lapses of concentration. It is a game played by our mind against its own bad habits. Replacing one pattern of behaviour with a new, more positive one is the purpose of the "Inner Game". Peak performance at tennis, like any sport, only comes when our mind is so focused that it is still and at one with what our body is doing. The key to the "Inner Game" and better tennis is achieving this state ...

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Mar 25, 2010

perfect your game

bought this for my boyfriend who applied this method to his foosball gaming. from what he said, greatly improves your mental and physcial capabilities in any sport.


May 11, 2009

Helpful for LIFE not just Tennis!

The message of this book has become the mantra of my life. Whenever I or a friend/family member hit a "snag" in life, I reinforce the gist of this book: there are 2 selves/voices in each person. One is the loud ego-voice that often derails, puts you down or even sabotages you, while the other is a soft voice, a voice of a master that knows exactly what to do or say. Gallwey asserts that all we have to do is to communicate and trust the master in each of us and ignore the bullying or discouraging voice (e.g. "I'm a failure"). We must learn to relax and focus on the task at hand. When we do that our ego self is out of the picture and our true self takes over with great success! With this approach Gallwey was able to create with little effort great Tennis players out of even the "clumsiest" people. And as I said the premise of the book is applicable to virtually any situation. It works!

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