The Incredible Journey ()

directed by Fletcher Markle
featuring Emile Genest, John Drainie, Tommy Tweed, Sandra Scott, Syme Jago

Show Synopsis

Filmed in Canada as a joint project involving Walt Disney studios and Calgary Ltd., The Incredible Journey stars a cat named Tao and two dogs named Bodger and Luath. When their family goes on vacation, the animals are left in charge of family friend Emile Genest. Genest goes off to hunt for a couple of days, but fails to inform the animals of this; as a result, Tao, Bodger and Luath embark upon a 250 mile journey to be reunited with their owners. Superbly photographed and cleverly assembled, Incredible Journey strikes a ...

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Jane S

May 13, 2016

Wrong DVD format

Unfortunately I cannot review the movie because I received a British DVD. Do not recall seeing this fact when I made the order. So the DVD is useless to me and a waste of money.


Apr 17, 2014

Such a fun return to my childhood!

Love this movie! Saw it when it came out (ca. 1963) and then 5 years later when I was in high school on a band trip. I loved reading the book, too! The big differences are that the scary parts in the book take place at night, and the terrifying scene with the lynx chasing the Siamese cat ("Tao") ends with the lynx being shot and killed by the young hunter. In the movie the scary scenes are in daylight (most practical for the photography, I'm sure) and the lynx scene ends with the lynx being scared off by the boy and his .22 rifle, but the boy never hits the lynx when he fires at him. Rex Allen's wonderfully relaxed narration is still a special pleasure. I so enjoyed the musical score, too. My friend's Dad was an oboist and played on a lot of those Disney soundtracks in the 1950s and '60s. I am guessing it was him (Gordon Schoneberg) on this one, and the woodwind backgrounds were beautifully arranged and played. Great film for all ages.

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