The Incredible Journey


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'Only one thing was clear and certain - that at all costs he was going home, home to his own beloved master...' The Hunter children must go abroad for the summer, so they reluctantly leave their three pets in the care of a friend. But the faithful animals only know they must get home again, somehow. So the labrador, the old bull terrier and the dainty Siamese cat set off on a perilous journey through the wilderness. But how will domestic animals fare against river rapids, hunger, icy temperatures and ferocious wild beasts? ...

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barnes d k

Dec 12, 2015

lassie come home times 3

an enchanting story good for young and old .ifyou are into reading to your kids you couldn't do better


Apr 3, 2014

Great re-visit with a wondrous writer!

Wow! Sheila Burnford tells a great story. I watched the movie, too--the original Disney 1963 (on VHS, no less!) and had a wonderful time. The great prose descriptions of the Eastern Ontario forests and rural areas is so stimulating to the imagination, and the truly terrifying parts--Tao the Siamese cat being chased by a lynx, and the bear encounters for Old Bodger (the pit bull terrier), are so riveting.--edge of your seat kind of stuff! (The movie difference is that the scenes noted here were in broad daylight, whereas in the book they are often at night or dark times.) I just loved it all. Highly recommend this one to anyone!


Jun 18, 2007

The Incredible Journey

Having watched the film version of this when young, I of course, had fond memories of the story. The book, however, was a real treat to read as it elaborated on the basic story and one was able to appreciate the detailed description of the country and terrain that the 3 animals fictionally crossed. I felt I got to know the landscape well and learnt a lot more about nature and wildlife. Sheila Burnford obviously understands the animals she writes about, so much so, that as the reader I felt I was able to empathise with the animals, suffer with them - feel their joy and frustrations. My only criticism would be that I felt the story was fininshed off a little abrubtly, as if the writer maybe wanted to move onto something else.. but then maybe I was enjoying the journey so much that I didn't want it to finish.


Apr 3, 2007

Love it

I think I have read this book about 10 plus times since 1976 its still one of my favorites. And I cry everytime I read it. You can see the movie but the book is always better. I bought this book at the school book fair in elementry school and still have it.
Its a wonderful story about 2 dogs and cat and their adventures to return to their family.

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