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May 1, 2009


The IT crowd is co written by Graeme Linehan.

Roy and Moss are the IT guys who toil away in the basement of Renholm Industries. Jen has been employed as the department head and tries to keep control of her staff but generally ends up being sucked in to the the craziness.

Roy and Moss are supposed to be geeks. Moss is the stereotypical geek. Roy is really just...socially stunted? Moss knows all there is to know about anything technical, but can't actually hold a conversation with a girl. Roy isn't quite so much of a geek. Jen has absolutely no idea about computers...but claimed that she had lots of experience in IT to get what she thought would be a high flying job. How wrong she was.

It's a comedy in the same vein as Black Books and is really brilliant to watch on a wee night in. Love it.

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