The House of Djinn


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A compelling conclusion to the trilogy that began with the Newbery Honor Book"Shabanu" and continued in "Haveli, The House of Djinn" explores the delicatebalance between freedom and tradition in modern-day Pakistan.

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Mar 12, 2010

Better for teens than 2nd book, Haveli

This book centers on two teenaged cousins on two sides of the Pacific; one in Pakistan, the other in the United States. The house mentioned in the title does play a role, but not as deeply as expected. The writing is good at the beginning of the book, but the ending feels rushed, or forced- all of the situations wrap themselves in about the last 20 pages.

I've read 3 other Suzanne Fisher Staples books. This is the 3rd of three that I know of in the Shabanu series, and the best for teens in my opinion. Some of my Pakistani students checked it out and raced through it. I liked the young characters in this book for their young ways: forbidden crushes, planning escapes with best friends, feeling more than a bit like Cinderella- but also for their maturity in their decisions at the end of the story.

My students (11-13 year old girls) give it five out of five stars; I'd give it a 4. Recommended: read the first book in the series, Shabanu: Daughter of the Wind, and compare.

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