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The Histories of Herodotus, completed in the second half of the 5th century BC, is generally regarded as the first work of history and the first great masterpiece of non-fiction writing. Few history books since can compare for sheer drama with Herodotus's narrative of the Persian invasions of Greece. His accounts of the great battles of Marathon and Thermopylae, of Salamis and Plataea, retain to this day a matchless epic quality. More than this, though, The Histories is also the source of much of our knowledge of the ...

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Daniel G

Apr 28, 2015

Herodotus.....Is it History or a Story?

Thucydides says Herodotus makes up history....I'll leave it to the reader to decide.
I,personally,call Herodotus the Father of History....I'm interested in what the reader will call it.

John W

Dec 26, 2013

Oldie, but still a classic

This book was written about 2500 years ago,and is probably the first real book of reasonably objective history. It's not perfect,but that could as well be said of the Wright brothers "Flyer".
I also bought a DVD series of lectures from the Teaching Company on Herodotus that filled in a lot of things that the author left unspoken,because he was an ancient Greek writing for an ancient Greek readership. The lectures showed why actions that seem strange in our frame of reference often made perfect sense in theirs.
If you can,I really urge you to do both,as each fills in and illuminates the other.

Patricia C V

Jul 26, 2012


Came in good condtion and had no problems with shipper at all

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