The Heretic's Daughter


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Martha Carrier was hanged on August 19th 1692 in Salem, Massachusetts, unyielding in her refusal to admit to being a witch, going to her death rather than joining the ranks of men and women who confessed and were thereby spared execution. Like her mother, young Sarah Carrier is bright and wilful, openly challenging the small, brutal world in which they live. In this startling novel, she narrates the story of her early life in Andover, near Salem. Her father is a farmer, English in origin, quietly stoical but with a secret ...

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Mar 25, 2010

Great Book

This book was definitely full of food for thought. I can't imagine living in a time such as this and being persecuted for my Christian beliefs. Pictures were vividly painted in my mind of the "witches" living conditions and the life they were subjected to. The author's portrayal of her subjects also made me feel like I "got to know" the characters. Although I am sure that this is simply the true tip of the iceburg, it was a very interesting read. Difficult to put down. I would like to read more from this author and more on this subject


Jun 30, 2008

Spite and superstition in Salem

The author has drawn upon the history of her ancestors to weave a story of passion,love, betrayal and superstition. Martha Carrier is different , speaks her mind and has possession of a property that another relative believes should be his. Of course, this makes her a target and her denunciation as a witch is inevitable. The story is recounted from the view point of her young daughter with whom she is at odds. Vivid descriptions of the times and good characterizations highlight this story. I enjoyed it.

1 Silent Rating

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