The Hard Way


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Late at night in a New York cafe, army-cop-turned-drifter Jack Reacher orders coffee in a cup made of foam, not china, so that he can move on at a moment's notice. He owns nothing, carries less, has never encountered a female colleague he can't bed, or a case he can't solve. But now, Reacher is confronted by a situation so disturbing and deceptive that the truth eludes him. Has he painted targets on the good guys' backs? So Reacher starts over at square one. He sweats the details and works the clues. As they used to say ...

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Michael J P

Mar 21, 2013

As a Jack Reacher fan

I was completely satisfied with their service. I repeat, I was completely satisfied.


Dec 31, 2011

These books are addicting!

The book is intense, Reacher is exceedingly logical, often describing his conclusions and the path to them. Oh and did I say he can win any battle with 4 or fewer opponents since he is 6 foot 6 and had 13 years in the military police -- you know capturing special forces or other combat veterans when they go wrong (seldom in my view), but that's the thesis. I think I have bought all of the series so far.

Thomas Y

Aug 26, 2010

Couldn't be easier

I'd be far richer if I had found something like this forty years ago.


Jul 23, 2010

A bit disappointing

This one seemed a bit far-fetched to me. The trip to England was just a little much.


May 13, 2010

Excellent reading

Another great book by Lee Child. The story line is very great reading

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