The Halloween Tree


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A thousand pumpkin smiles look down from the Halloween Tree, and twice-times-a-thousand fresh-cut eyes glare and wink and blink, as Carapace Clavicle Moundshroud leads the nine children on a leaf-tossed, kite-flying, gliding, broomstick-riding trip to learn the secret of All Hallow's Eve.

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Sue B

Nov 24, 2011

Another Olde Faithful Book!

I hadn't read "The Halloween Tree" in many years, so of course the memory of exactly what this story was had been sent on out to VagueLandia.

Now that I've re-read it I am reminded how superb this story is!

A history of Halloween 'thru the Ages', thru the eyes of four very best friends who've known each other 'forever', written with such flair and creativity is what you'll get when you take the dare and read 'Master' Ray Bradbury's classic novel.

And 'Master' IS what Bradbury is in story telling. This is no exaggeration, folks.

WHAT a stellar and astounding imagination Bradbury has---I wonder what his brain looks like, if it teams(?) with ALL his Creativity Cells and Microbes lit up like a flourescent cosmos. His brain's currents must have smiled much more often than the general publics, we who use much less of our own Creativity Cells than we could.

In short, this is one book which will definately be re-read yearly by this reader.

Recommendation? Buy/Library it, go home, wait 'till evening, get comfortable and embark on a most amazing journey.

Then re-read 'The Halloween Tree' again and again, year after year after year...It's a Tradition worth keeping and savouring.


Oct 19, 2011

3 and 1/2 stars, if the site would let me.

I was in a Halloweeny mood, and so I started this...
...and then finished it, with a flourish, four thousand years later. I wanted to love it, but could not, even though the last eight or so pages were quite nice and even kinda profound. The illustrations were very nice, though.

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