The Guns of August


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Many rejoiced at the outbreak of war in 1914. Some of the most ardent and eloquent opponents of the conflict ended up supporting their governments. Most felt that the war would last only months. What followed was, of course, the worst conflict man had seen. Barbara Tuchman's history of the first three months of the war is an excellent historical introduction, dealing with a forgotten part of the conflict - the war of manouevre that the European powers engaged in before beginning trench warfare that has become synonymous ...

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Geraldine K

Sep 27, 2014

Great Book.

Am still reading this book. It is not an easy read. Trying to keep all the General's strait takes some time. It is interesting to see how ill prepared the French & British were for modern (that time) warfare.


Jun 21, 2012

Good histroy book

The book is a great histroy book however the author gets bogged down with too mush information of every general in the book. A shorter version of their bios would be better. The book is a long and tedious read but the information is good.


Apr 1, 2010

The 1st month of WW 1

The mistakes and the arrogance of allies and Germans alike are portrayed graphically in Ms Tuchman's review of the 1st month of Word War 1, the war that was to last 40 days. It is easy to understand why WW 1 and 2 are called one war with a 20 year hiatus between them. The issues were very much the same. A riveting read.

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