The Great Shark Hunt: Strange Tales from a Strange Time


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'Well . . .yes, and here we go again' Dr Hunter S. Thompson Indeed we do. Here, in one chunky volume, is the best of gonzo. From Private Thompson in trouble with the air force, to the devastating portrait of the ageing Muhammad Ali. Taking in the Kentucky Derby, Freak Power in the Rockies, Nixon in '68, McGovern in '72, Fear and Loathing at the Watergate, Jimmy Carter and the Great Leap of Faith - and much more. An indispensable compendium of decadence, depravity and horse-sense. 'Hunter Thompson elicits the same kind of ...

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Jun 3, 2009

The Definitive Hunter Collection

I first read the story "The Great Shark Hunt" in Playboy, as a very young man, and Hunter Thompson has been my favorite "non-fiction" writer ever since.

A overview of Thompson's career through the early '70s is here, and there is a LOT of good reading.

Many of the people who see HST as merely a drug-addled lunatic will be very surprised at the depth of his perception and intellect.

A few of the pieces that make this book a must buy:

"Why Anti-Gringo Winds Often Blow South of the Border" A clear view of the titles meaning..."why, indeed".

"Freak Power In The Rockies" The story of an attempt by the "Freaks" to work within the system for political change in Aspen, CO.

"The Police Chief" A satire on "Pigs and their tools", written from the point of view of a "typical" American Police Chief, and showing Hunter's love (and knowledge) of weaponry of all types.

"The Great Shark Hunt" Insanity while on assignment for Playboy in Cozumel, a great picture of disgustingly decadent, wealthy American "sportfishermen" as well as perhaps the funniest (and most harrowing) re-entry to the U.S. in print.

This extensive collection also contains contains numerous excerpts from many magazines and from his most famous works "Fear and Loathing..." and " Hells Angels", all of it classic Thompson.

This is HST before he began losing his touch, and should be in every socially conscious readers library.

If you don't own it, get it.

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