The Great Bridge


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A detailed account of the construction of the Brooklyn Bridge providing background on its engineering history as well as the political and social climate of the late-nineteenth century.

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Malcolm A M

Feb 16, 2016

Crossing an ocean only a river wide.

David McCullough never misses, but The Great Bridge is special even for him.
It does not take a thousand miles to separate a people, but if the separation can be bridged, the effect is not instantaneous, but profound. Manhattan and Brooklyn will always be different, but with the Brooklyn Bridge an ocean was crossed and turned into no more than a river's separation. McCullough captures that perfectly.

Mal Misuraca


Mar 16, 2014

THE Story of the Brooklyn Bridge

No one can write a non-fiction story like David McCullough! At first, I thought he started a little too far back; however, the reasoning became obvious before long. This wasn?t just the story of the building of the Brooklyn Bridge; it was the story of an age ? the Age of Optimism.

It is a tale of the social climate that promoted and then threatened the completion of this 14 year masterpiece. A telling comment was offered early in the story; when engineers went over the Brooklyn Bridge (after many, many years) to determine what repairs were necessary; they all agreed that the bridge needed a fresh coat of paint! It is a tribute to the Roebling family that their creation was so sound that it needed little to continue its crucial place in New York-Brooklyn commerce and life into the next century.

This is an extensive history; at times I thought there was a bit too much detail. However, the author magically wove together the scoundrels with the heroes/heroine and the important time in which this bridge was undertaken to create a fascinating history. To me, it seemed to be the story of a miracle!

I?ve never had any interest in going to New York or Brooklyn; after reading this opus, I can hardly wait to go!

Larry M

Jan 3, 2013

The Great Bridge

Haven't started reading it yet. We did receive the book promptly and in good condition, as all books are received. We don't order from anyone else because of the quality and the conditions of your books.


Sep 1, 2011

Great Bridge, Great Book

Places a truly monumental construction project clearly in the context of its time, and of the personalities--admirable and not--who were involved. Detailed. but never tedious. As always with David McCullough, beautifully written. Very helpful illustrations.

James K

Jul 21, 2011

"The Great Bridge"

"The Great Bridge" by David McCullough. Like all of David McCullough's books, this is excellent. Interesting and well researched.

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