The Gray Man


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'Hard, fast, and unflinching-exactly what a thriller should be.' Lee Child The first in the Court Gentry all-action thriller series, from Tom Clancy's co-writer Mark Greaney. To those who lurk in the shadows, he's known as the Gray Man. He is a legend in the covert realm, moving silently from job to job, accomplishing the impossible and then fading away. And he always hits his target. But there are forces more lethal than Gentry in the world. Forces like money. And power. And there are men who hold these as the only ...

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Aug 29, 2018

Relentless Action!

Courtland "Court" Gentry is the Gray Man. An assassin. A killer of men. Only bad men, only "just" kills. He is called the Gray Man because no one knows who he is. He's the best at what he does.
Former CIA, he now works for a private security based in London headed by Sir Donald Fitzroy, ex-MI-5.
Having assassinated. in Syria, Dr. Issac Abubaker, the Nigerian Minister of Energy and brother of Nigerian President Julius Abubaker, Court's on the run across Iraq. He will soon run into many complications and many dangerous say the least.

The Laurent Group is a ruthless multinational corporation that is on the verge of signing a multi-billion oil and natural gas deal with President Abubaker.
Now, there's a hitch. He will not sign the agreement unless he's brought the Gray Man's head, literally, by 8 A.M. Sunday morning. It's Tuesday!

The Group takes Sir Donald hostage, along with his son, Phillip. and daughter-in-law and is 8-year-old twin granddaughters. They are moved to Chateau Laurent outside Paris.
They are being used to lure-in the Gray Man.

Soon, Court Gentry will have 12 hit teams from around the world, top specialists, after his ass. With 100+ "watchers" along his suspected travel routes and even the CIA has shoot-on-sight policy out on him.
Good luck stopping him!

Unbelievable hard and fast action, intricate plotting, 3D characters, attention to detail and smooth writing make this book a winner.

One more thing, young Claire Fitzroy is a wonderfully endearing character. Intelligent and resourceful. I really liked her.

Gray Man kicks ass!


Mar 20, 2014

Great Author and Story

This series is one of the most entertaining I've read in years.. Look forward to the 5th book next year.

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