The Gods of Guilt


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The 'Lincoln Lawyer' grapples with a haunting case in this gripping thriller from bestselling author Michael Connelly. Mickey Haller gets the text, 'Call me ASAP - 187', and the California penal code for murder immediately gets his attention. Murder cases have the highest stakes and the biggest paydays, and they always mean Haller has to be at the top of his game. When Mickey learns that the victim was his own former client, a prostitute he thought he had rescued and put on the straight and narrow path, he knows he is on ...

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Antonio Espana

Oct 19, 2020

Great Law Court read

Good reading another recommended legal crime thriller by Connolly................

Toni O

Aug 7, 2016

Haller is a Mess

This is of average interest. It's a good way to pass a cold winter night, but not on my list of all time favorites.


Mar 16, 2014

Haller is Burdened by Too Many Plot Lines

Mickey Haller, moving through heavy traffic in Los Angeles in his Lincoln Town Car, is heavily into redemption. He signs on to defend a digital pimp from the murder of one of Mickey?s former clients. However, Gloria Dayton wasn?t just a client, she was a prostitute that he thought he had rescued and helped get out of ?the business.?

The story starts out simply enough but quickly turns into a hunt for the real killer ? someone who is supposed to be protecting the public from murder and mayhem. Then the story tilts and includes a cartel gangster, a disbarred lawyer and his incompetent son/lawyer and a crooked former cop.

Mickey spends a great deal of time mulling over his past and present mistakes. I found the inclusion of a missing story thread strange. The book mentions that Haller has recently lost his bid for DA of Los Angeles, mostly due to a scandal ? he?d helped free a client who subsequently killed 2 people close to his daughter). This problem, plus the loss of communication with his daughter, adds to Haller?s angst.

The best part of the story was the addition of the ?Legal Eagle? ? a retired and very ill former attorney who serves as a mentor and sounding board for Haller. He helps Mickey address some of the mistakes that are hounding his peace of mind.

I found the plot to be too convoluted; it simply didn?t seem realistic ? just dramatic. I enjoy Haller in court and the constant referral to his former wife and daughter seemed to be off-task. After awhile, it was competing with the murder case. The book seemed too plot-heavy; this is no ?he shot her? kind of case. Then Haller finds a new love interest. Whew! That?s a lot of action for one book.

Haller has emerged from his sleazy-lawyer persona to become a ?top of the game? lawyer. In court, Haller can?t be beat; but the plots and subplots dragged things down.


Jan 31, 2014

mickey haller is super

I loved it. Always adored his books and this is one of his best.

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