The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon


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"The world had teeth and it could bite you with them anytime it wanted. Trisha McFarland discovered this when she was nine years old. Trying not to be terrified. Trying not to think that sometimes when people got lost in the woods they got seriously hurt. Sometimes they died. And all because she needed to pee...". This is the story of a girl who gets lost on an outing in the Northeast woods. In her panic to get back on the track, she takes turnings which lead her deeper and deeper into the terrifying woods. With only a ...

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deborah g

Sep 18, 2017

Top Notch

Excellent read. King remains my favorite author. No one can capture and hold my attention like he can.


Dec 17, 2009

Very Good--

Even though I am not a fan of baseball--in any form, real or otherwise, I really enjoyed this book. (I was a little annoyed with it in the beginning, but it got better with each turn of the page.


Jul 24, 2008

King for the younger generation

I enjoyed this short story from Mr. King, it would be a great book for a young reader to start them out.


Apr 30, 2007

Don't stop...

reading to sleep, because you won't be able to! A girl separated from her family gets lost in the woods. She has only her walkman and the Red Sox to keep her sanity, while the forest holds a lurking shadow, something shapeless and unknown. Can she survive??

This book was not really gory, as horror stories normally go, but I would say that it still has a good plot line and the main character is someone so normal she could be your sister, or a friend, or maybe even you. This book is worth the effort to read.


Apr 27, 2007


I bought this book because it was about the Appalachian Trail, but liked it because King wrote such a tantalizing tale. A young girl gets lost off the Appalachian Trail, makes all the mistakes lost people should not make, but by golly is one tough little cookie, though descending life's path steadily and quickly enough. King really seemed to be in the mind of a desperately lost, unprepared hiker in the Maine wilderness. It was uncanny. This is the only King book I've read, but it makes me wonder if I should be trying some of his others.

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