The Ghost Brigades


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The sequel to his extraordinary Old Man's War, John Scalzi's The Ghost Brigades is the second in The Old Man's War series. Who can you trust, if you can't trust yourself? Three hostile alien races have united against humanity, determined to halt our expansion into space. The mastermind behind this lethal alliance is a traitor - Charles Boutin. He was a Colonial Defence Force scientist, with access to their biggest military secrets. Now the CDF's only hope is to discover Boutin's plan. Trouble is, Boutin's dead. As a super ...

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Oct 9, 2016

Excellent 2nd book in unique series

The series started with "Old Man's War" and ultimately continues for a total of six books by this date, Oct 9, 2016. In the first book the author created a truly unique story line, and he has worked it successfully through all the succeeding books. His characterization is believable, and the characters are generally easily visualized, even the intelligent but weird space creatures. Snappy dialog. The overall setting is multi-galaxy wide, but the specific story lines are localized. The SciFi innovations are mainly in bio-adaptation, especially after the first book.

This is a sequel, but it might better be described as the 2nd half of the basic story line. While keeping the basic story line, it introduces a whole new type of characters who are in in some ways even more innovative than the ones who starred in the first book. It also involves completely new adventures. The characterization and dialog remain very good. It will probably be most enjoyable if read after "Old Man's War." I wish that all sequels could be this good.

Dave Barnes

Sep 19, 2014

A good space opera

Read it in one night.
Fast paced.
Look forward to others in the series.

Gerald E

Sep 9, 2010

Great sequel

For those who enjoyed "Old Man's War" by the same author, this is a "must read" since it follows the adventures of the same people as in the first book. A very good read.


Aug 8, 2007

From Starship pensioners to Killer Kids

I dived into Ghost Brigades with high hopes after the excellent whirlwind which was Old Mans War, and while not quite as good, i was still extremely satisfied by the tale of Jared Dirac's action packed 'infancy', aided by the dead wife of a certain Mr Perry.

While this booked lacked the initail wow-factor of Old Mans War, Starship Pension Troopers, it was still a solidly entertaining slab of comabt sci-fi, writtten with pace and the same wry sense of humor as its predeceesor. The characters, as in his previous book are well rounded and likeable, even the alien ones and the story steers clear of cliche while ticking all the boxes of military sci-fi. This is a enjoyable book which will segue nicely into the third book and the return of John Perry.

Thoroughly recommended


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