The First Rule


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Joe Pike is out for revenge and no cop, no bad guy, no one alive, is going to stop him. Frank Meyer had got out of 'the life' safely. He had put an end to his mercenary days, turned over a new leaf and settled down with his wife and children. It had been a hard decision but, encouraged by his boss and friend Joe Pike, he had walked away. Ten years later, a group of armed men break into his Los Angeles home and brutally gun down him and his family. It's a vicious, cold and professional job. The crew leave no trace behind ...

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Oct 3, 2015

Complex and Engrossing

This unique story opens with the sudden death of Frank Meyer, his family and their au pair. They are killed by a professional crew of assassins who invade their home. Frank had it all; a beautiful wife, two sons and a successful business.

What we soon learn is that Frank, in his younger days, was a professional mercenary. His command leader was Joe Pike. When the police tell Joe that Frank was involved with crooked men, Joe denies their supposition and sets out to find the murder of Frank and his family.

There are an amazing number of twists and turns that make perfect sense. As Joe gets more involved, he has to determine who is lying ... and why. Elvis Cole is still in the sidekick role and he adds some levity to the tragic and awful spiral of cutthroat criminality and death.

I could not put the book aside; it grabs the reader from the outset and doesn't let go. A great yarn.

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