The Face


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Because of her birth deformity, Sarah Sims has been hidden away in a secret CIA facility. But a miraculous surgery gives her a chance to make a life for herself. Now she has an ally in her long-lost aunt, a psychologist, who helps Sarah find the courage to confront the forces that had confined her and the faith to be born again. Original.

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Jan 26, 2009

A thaught provoking story

Sarah Sims has been locked away in a secret CIA facility for her entire life. When her Aunt Renee discovers her exsistance while going through paperwork after the death of her mother. Renee sets out to find Sarah to let her know that she has family.
20 years have past since the death of Kevin Sims (Renee's brother) Sarah has grown up without a face (from a birth defect) Renee sets out to convince Sarah that she could have a life on the outside and that she could be normal.

I was intrigued by the story because of the question, what defines perfect beauty?

I won't give away the story but the ending was really good.... it portrayed who the REAL monster was.

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